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Fire Suppression


The origins of Reacton Fire Suppression started in 1968, which means we have many years of experience in the design and installation of pneumatic fire suppression technology.

We specialize in detecting and suppressing the fire fast. Our pressurized linear detection tube is intelligently routed around the risk, ensuring we get to the heart of the fire quicker than any other fire protection system can. The intense heat from exhausts and turbochargers combined with hydraulic oils & fuels means that a fire can occur and derail your operation at any time. The disruption, downtime and cost of a fire can have a significant impact on your business. Many insurers recognizing the potential losses associated with a fire, now require automatic fire suppression as a condition of covered.

The most common source of machine fires :

  • Electrical Faults – Friction form fatigued parts
  • Engine Overheating – Dirty engines/debris

As many fire suppression systems do not offer 100% reliability within extreme harsh working environments, Reacton has developed a ‘tried-and-tested’ system that has been specifically designed for this type of application, with additional features including remote actuation and monitoring, battery isolation and engine shutdown.