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About Us


Riau Dinamika Persada, PT was founded on December 21, 2001 in Pekanbaru, Riau Province. Along with the wold business development that demanding a change & fast movement, the shareholders decided to move our operation close to the capital. On the first March 2011 Riau Dinamika PT (RDP), officially based on Bizhub Serpong , Jl. Raya Serpong Km. 99 Blok RA01-02, Gunung Sindur, Bogor, Indonesia – 16340

RDP is engaged in sales and mining contractor particularly, our products can also be used in oil & gas, cement, sugar mill and various general industries. Supported by experts who had spent 20 years in automated lubrication systems, material dispensing systems, filtration systems, conveyor belt system, steel fabrication & machine also general supplies we believe have high competitiveness with its peers.


Becoming the best a mining services company in quality & legerity


1. Provide products with precise, fast & quality
2. Sinergyze projects, customer satisfaction and environments are supported by high competence human resources & technology.


customer oriented, integrity, quality, innovative

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